London Enterprise Technology Meetup (18th May)


If you look at our blog, you can see that we are regular attendees of the London Enterprise Technology Meetup at Orrick where you can listen to tech companies who are doing product demos, while sipping a glass of wine water. The audience is made up of highly knowledgeable professionals from tech, law, medicine and engineering backgrounds.

The session opened with a discussion led by Carsten Sorensen, an associate professor of Information Systems and Information at the prestigious London School of Economics. Pr. Carensen presented the challenges brought about by technology for user data privacy and said that he is seeing a shift in how people give away their personal information. The issue has become more central with the start of the wearable tech trend and now companies have access to personal info given away by customers. Pr. Carensen believes that younger generations want to be more in control of the information they are giving away even if it means losing convenience of use, and that they want a more symmetrical relationship with the firms with which they share their data. This also creates design challenges and opportunities for startups to explore within the data privacy market.


The first demo featured Crate Technology   and its CEO Jodok Batlogg. The company offers a solution for developers to make SQL databases scalable and searchable. The company won the Techcrunch disrupt award last year. If you want to know more about this, have a look at this article from Techcrunch.


IBM Watson

The evening ended with a presentation made by Duncan Anderson, CTO of Watson Europe at IBM, a cognitive computing technology providing invaluable assistance to humans. Watson is a tool enabling experts to access more knowledge and allowing people to access experts’ knowledge. We watched some videos about Watson’s performances easily beating humans at a Jeopardy! game. Duncan Anderson believes that the development of artificial intelligence is inevitable but does not think that the day that machines will take humanity over is close. Watson tackles big data and assists specialists such as doctors in getting the latest information and research about a subject. Watson does not share data, the field of artificial intelligence is full of potential but needs to be governed by strong ethics. The people we talked to after the presentation felt that technology sometimes replaces humans too easily and that the machines have some limitations.

You can already sign up for the June session of LNTEM featuring more tech demos and networking sessions.

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