Interop Tokyo 2015 and Japan Apps


Before we attend Interop London next week, we had the opportunity to visit Interop in Tokyo and thought you would like to hear about it! Interop is an IT trade fair held in 5 different countries and features the latest technologies, designed to empower IT professionals. The Tokyo event started with a round of conferences from the 8th of June while the trade show started on 10th June, running until the 12th.


Interop Tokyo is mainly focused on the Asian market with vendors presenting the latest innovations in IT infrastructures, cloud computing, cyber security and data management. The show takes place in the Chiba prefecture, roughly one hour away from central Tokyo.Vendors try to obtain your business details by having young women giving you small free gifts or even by organising a free lottery held after a product presentation. Companies hire charming female Japanese speakers who read the product’s pitch as though it were an advertisement. Don’t expect someone to speak to you in English (which may be good to avoid the constant gift-giving harassment), so if you happen to be in Tokyo next year, try to bring along a Japanese friend to guide you.

We think that the most interesting part of the event was the apps Japan 2015 section where we learnt about a shopping app which connects shops and consumers. The app Shop Assist is a platform where shops get listed and gives them the tools to send out special offers through the app. The app was chosen by the Japan tourism organisation to target foreign visitors and rebranded as JapanShopping. You will be able to get shopping info through the app while in Japan including how to get tax refund and you can even enter a prize competition. The app is the result of work between Rely and Espace Technology whose staff was kind enough to take the time to give us a pitch. We were also introduced to a cloud service offered by Nifty Cloud mobile backend that will make the server management of your mobile apps smoother. The service is currently only available in Japanese. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

London Technology week is approaching fast, have you finalised your schedule already?



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