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London-based ioet offers software engineering expertise across a broad range of technologies, including: UX, web services, networking, database architectures, big data and analytics, embedded systems and IoT. Applications in PHP, Python, .NET, C++, Java, Ruby and most major frameworks. Platform expertise includes: Set-top boxes, Android, iOS, Microsoft, SQL and No-SQL data models, and cloud services.

We deliver requirements analysis, complex algorithm development, original software design and engineering, prototype or production-ready products, as well as traditional focus areas such as operations support, quality assurance and performance analysis. 


Why ioet?

Control. Senior Architects and experienced, English-speaking local Project Managers help you maintain control and focus over even the most complex development program.

Talent. Our offices are near major universities and most of our staff exceed 4 years of university education. Many have MSc Degrees in Computer Science and some have PhDs.

Agile. Talent on demand; team size and skill mix can be adjusted on a month-to-month basis.

Scalable. A large and cost effective talent pool.

Time. With offices in Silicon Valley, UK, and Ecuador and working relationships with firms in Ukraine, Serbia, Indonesia, and Bulgaria; we conduct business every hour of every day, everywhere in the world. 


Contact in our London project office for a free evaluation and proposal.