Control. Senior Architects and experienced, English-speaking local Project Managers help you maintain control and focus over even the most complex development program.

Talent. ioet draws from a deep pool of talent. Our offices are near major universities, most of our staff exceed 4 years of university education, many have MSc Degrees in Computer Science, some have PhDs, and many have degrees or coursework achieved outside Ecuador. Most ioet engineers have several years of job history before joining ioet, but even our most recent graduates have work experience on significant university or government software projects.

Agile. Talent on demand; team size and skill mix can be adjusted on a month-to-month basis.

Scalable. A large and cost effective talent pool. ioet’s entire base of expertise is available to consult on any project, regardless of standing team assignments.

Time. With offices in Silicon Valley, UK, and Ecuador and working relationships with firms in Ukraine, Serbia, Indonesia, and Bulgaria; we conduct business every hour of every day, everywhere in the world.